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Wednesday Wisdom: HaleyDrewThis

It’s September now. My favourite month of the year. A month of renewals, wisdom, and changes. Ah, the possibilities…

Now that I’m in Australia now, the seasons have flipped with it going into spring (or in my case in Queensland, it’s getting warmer!).

But I think the wisdom of September remains.

I was going to post a motivational quote, but then I saw this on my Instagram just now, and I think it’s full of wisdom to remind us to keep doing the best we can.

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Keep doing the best u can, September

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Quote of the Day: Xan Oku

“The moment you accept yourself, you grow”

– Xan Oku

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Wednesday Wisdom: Introvert Doodles

Out of all the accounts I follow on Instagram, my utmost favourite is Introvert Doodles.

A talented, empathetic artist called Marzi cartoons about aspects of life as an introvert. They are funny, heartfelt, and oh, so true about life as an introvert. I’m grateful for them because they make me smile and I feel that I’m not alone in the world as an introvert.

They are also full of wisdom.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Socrates

“Wisdom begins in wonder”

– Socrates

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Wednesday Wisdom: Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk is one of my LGBT+ heroes.

I believe that if it wasn’t for him and his campaign for gay rights, we wouldn’t be where we are today with Pride Month, legal same-sex marriage, and the bravery to come out to those close to us.

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