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Developing Your Eye: Day 6 – Solitude

As an introvert, I value solitude.

It gives the precious moment that allows you to be by yourself, to think things through, and to recover from people in the crazy outside world.

So, I don’t see solitude as a bad thing, but something more of a necessity. There is still a social stigma against it, as society has such an aversion to loneliness; yet, I believe this is where all the magic happens.

As I was aware of this task, I have been roaming with my phone this last week on the lookout for images to capture of “solitude”, but nothing has matched up to this I took in Portland last September:

I love doing candid photography.

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Travel Tuesday: There Is So Much of the World to See!

Since I’ve returned to the UK, people often ask me why I left Canada when my visa was up and didn’t apply for PR (Permanent Residency) instead.

My answer is always the same: “there is so much of the world to see!”

Working in Canada, I learned so much more about other countries: I made friends with Syrian refugees, I ate at Korean Tofu Houses (including Chinese dumpling spots and Vietnamese Pho cafes), and I met Iranians who had fled the Islamic Revolution. In the States, I adored the Mexicans and met many people from El Salvador, which was new for me.

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Returning from Narnia: The End Of Travels

Returning home, after a long period of travelling, is like coming back through the wardrobe from Narnia: you’ve had all these amazing experiences and yet, no-one believes your stories!

And you’re pretty sure that the homeland you’ve returned to has not changed one bit.

Like those very same footsteps that Peter and his siblings returned to, only to remember that very sound was exactly the last thing they ran away from.

It’s weird, to say the least.

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US Politics and Election Day 2016

The day has come.

It’s Election Day in America, where the great nation decides whether they want Clinton in the White House, or Trump.

I’m with the former.

As a Brit and an Australian – a dual citizen currently on a Working Holiday Visa in Canada – I’m terrified.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Michelle Obama

This speech by First Lady, Michelle Obama, has made me misty-eyed, and has given me hope that perhaps everything will be all right, despite the potential downfall of the United States of America.

There is so much hope here in this speech, and she gives much food for thought, and widsom. This one that stuck out for me the most:

“Our motto is: when they go low, we go high.”

For wisdom Wednesday, let’s keep that in mind: go high, not low.

I want her to be the next President.