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Turning Rejection into an Advantage

This new year, I’ve had a great desire to seek a new career opportunity, because I need a new challenge this 2019.

I have more to give than giving screen announcements and running around until I get so overtired that I can’t sleep at night. Also, I really want to be part of a team that supports each other and I actually feel included within.

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Travel Tuesday: There Is So Much of the World to See!

Since I’ve returned to the UK, people often ask me why I left Canada when my visa was up and didn’t apply for PR (Permanent Residency) instead.

My answer is always the same: “there is so much of the world to see!”

Working in Canada, I learned so much more about other countries: I made friends with Syrian refugees, I ate at Korean Tofu Houses (including Chinese dumpling spots and Vietnamese Pho cafes), and I met Iranians who had fled the Islamic Revolution. In the States, I adored the Mexicans and met many people from El Salvador, which was new for me.

All my life, I’ve been very fortunate to travel to many places, but something changed by being in North America… Continue reading “Travel Tuesday: There Is So Much of the World to See!”

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US Politics and Election Day 2016

The day has come.

It’s Election Day in America, where the great nation decides whether they want Clinton in the White House, or Trump.

I’m with the former.

As a Brit and an Australian – a dual citizen currently on a Working Holiday Visa in Canada – I’m terrified.

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The Roaming Generation

At present time, my generation are given many different names by the media to label them, and explain what kind of peer group they are to the rest of society: Millennials, the Selfish Generation,¹ The Lost Generation (aka Generation Jobless),² Generation Z.³

The list goes on…

Recently, another name has recently appeared on the list that is a little more positive: The Roamers.

I – for one – am definitely a Roamer!

There’s no doubt about it.

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Do We Ever Really Forget?

After watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009) last week, I have been struck with one thought since:

Do we ever really forget…?

That was what I took from the movie. Not the happily ever after, the romantic lines, or the general message of “don’t be a dick”; but the thoughts…

  1. Is it possible to never forget someone?
  2. Can you still love someone after being apart for a while?
  3. Do you still remember them because you’re meant to?

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