Thursday Thoughts: A Surprise Experiment

Yesterday, while roaming around London, my iPhone dies.

Luckily, I still had iPad Mini stashed away in my backpack.

So, I connected to the wifi to sent iMessages to my father to keep him updates on my whereabouts and I used its camera to continue taking photos.

The image was so much clearer and I felt I had a different photographic perspective to work with. So, it turned into quite a fun experiment.

Hmm… I may continue with this…

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Travel Tuesday: Roaming the Homeland

I was so worried about returning home after my stint in Canada.

Was I going to see it with a new pair of eyes or was I going to be bored in the same-old-same-old way? Would things for me to discover or was I going to be frustrated and restless being in my home country again?

Thankfully, it’s been the former.

Having had travelled around North America, it has made me aware of how little I go out to discover the UK. I’ve been very fortunate living in various parts of the United Kingdom: in York, Brighton, and Bristol. But due to not having my own mode of transport, I wasn’t able to roam far.*

Now I am armed with a new car – weather and energy permitting – I have been gifted with the opportunity to discover new places, such as Painshill Park:

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Developing Your Eye: Day 6 – Solitude

As an introvert, I value solitude.

It gives the precious moment that allows you to be by yourself, to think things through, and to recover from people in the crazy outside world.

So, I don’t see solitude as a bad thing, but something more of a necessity. There is still a social stigma against it, as society has such an aversion to loneliness; yet, I believe this is where all the magic happens.

As I was aware of this task, I have been roaming with my phone this last week on the lookout for images to capture of “solitude”, but nothing has matched up to this I took in Portland last September:

I love doing candid photography.

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Developing Your Eye: Day 5 – Connect

Connect the dots.

That is what I always think about when people say the word “connect”.

So, when I took the train to Chichester today to go on a photographic roam around the city, I found this beautiful gem hidden in the back of Chichester Cathedral:

The Lady Chapel at Chichester Cathedral. March 2018. c. azambakides

Come to think of it, the Lady Chapel has three versions of “connect”:

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Wisdom Wednesday: This Is Your Life

Somewhere on social media, many years ago, I found this photo full of wisdom:

This Is Your Life
Credit and date: unknown. Edited via Instagram for aesthetic purposes.

I believe the words still ring true today.

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