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Mini Post Monday: Education

Over the last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about education. I always say that my greatest privilege is my education, but really, it should be a right – for everyone.

I’ve been so fortunate to earn two degrees – a Bachelors in Professional Musicianship and a Masters in Medieval Studies. They are both strangely linked my performance and music. I like how I started with the modern music and then went back 800 years to medieval music.

But I’ve noticed that a thread that has been weaved into my life is the need for constant learning. Whenever I’m learning something new, my head is always in a much better place and depression is kept at bay. After my first degree, I went downhill straightaway and for the longest time, I couldn’t work out why…

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Mini Post Monday: My Twitter Poem

Despite feeling unwell and extremely tired, I couldn’t sleep last night.

From my experience, everything seems worse at nighttime. Even if it isn’t.

I lay there, staring at the ceiling… contemplating the job hunt, how every job listing asked for “experienced”, and how I was never going to be able to break into tech.

Suddenly, I decided to write a poem. But, out of all places, on Twitter:

Having had not written any songs or poems in over 10 years, this was a rather cathartic exercise.

With only one like (from my best friend, no less!), I fell right asleep.

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Mini Post Monday: Spring

I find spring… odd.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a beautiful season with flowers popping everywhere, blossom blooming in the trees, and the weather taking the turn for the warmer.

But it pops out of nowhere.

We don’t have the seasons anymore. At least, we don’t have a proper winter of snow blanketing our world, then melting away (which would provide a warning sign that spring is coming).

So, spring comes as a bit of a shock!

Panic mode also sets in because then I feel that time is running out because the year is going by so fast!

I try to enjoy each season for what it is and honestly, they go by far too quickly. Sometimes, I wish they went by a little bit slower, so I can enjoy them more.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue my blossom hunts as the season opens up.


Photography: Developing Your Eye. Day 1 – Home.

For my other blog, way back in 2015, I did a fun blogging course with The Daily Post called Blogging 101. As I was looking for the old archives for that course to spruce up this blog, I came across a ten-day photography course called Developing Your Eye

“Perfect!” I thought, “a simple and easy way to develop my photography to get me started while I look into more professional-like options.”

So, here’s the first topic of the course: Home.


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For the lack of Monday Motivation

I have no Monday Motivation today.

Which is weird, considering I work shifts, so Monday isn’t a thing for me. But the last week has been a long, tough one, especially these past three days.

But anyway, here’s a shark dance to cheer us up.

It's no Twitch, but it'll do.