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The Other Kind of Phobia: Acephobia

Trigger warning: sexual assault/harassment.

Since it is International Homo/Bi/Trans Phobia Week,¹ I strongly feel I need to point out that another kind of phobia exists:


People of other orientations have told me they don’t believe that this phobia exists, which is enough to tell you that they don’t even think my sexuality is real either.

But it does…

I’m asexual. More specifically, a demi-aromantic grey-asexual, who only feels sensual attraction if an emotional attachment has been formed.

Which is really, really rare.

Of course, I’ve been at the end of acephobia² a lot… even before I came out seven years ago.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Maya Angelou

Even within poems, wisdom can be found and kept.

To celebrate Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday, Google Doodle did a video of the poem with the author’s voice and other people who have been inspired by her words too.

Still I Rise by Maya Angleou was published in 1978 and I believe these words still ring true today, especially with many issues going on today. Including the violence and inequality against women, the school walk outs against shootings, and phobia against the the LGBT+ community.

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Wisdom Wednesday: A New Day Is On The Horizon

Ahead of International Women’s Day – and for Wisdom Wednesday – here is legendary Oprah Winfrey’s moving speech, when she received the Cecil. B de Mille Award at the Golden Globes 2018.

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