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Movie Review: BlackKkKlansman

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BlackKkKlansman is one of those biographical movies that you watch and go: “Oh, my God… THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!”

Directed by Spike Lee, it follows the true story of real life black cop, Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), who successfully infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan (aka KKK) in 1978.

When a rookie and the first black cop in Colorado Springs Police Department, Stallworth found a classified ad in the city newspaper about KKK, which invited interest from like-minded people. Curious, he contacted them claiming to be a white man, who shared the same values. An undercover operation springs, as one of Stallworth’s colleagues, Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver) impersonated Ron at KKK meetings.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Socrates

“Wisdom begins in wonder”

– Socrates

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Developing Your Eye: Day 7 – Big

Go big or go home!

I think that was every cathedral master builder’s idea. It still fathoms me how they managed to build something of this scale back in the medieval days.

Alas, they still did it.

At first sight, Chichester Cathedral was very plain looking and rather small compared to others like Salisbury or Canterbury. But as I walked around, I found gems, such as the medieval ceiling art I mentioned in “Day 5 – Connect”.

Carrying on, I discovered these beautiful ceilings within the towers:

Version 3
The Bell Tower of Chichester Cathedral

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Developing Your Eye: Day 5 – Connect

Connect the dots.

That is what I always think about when people say the word “connect”.

So, when I took the train to Chichester today to go on a photographic roam around the city, I found this beautiful gem hidden in the back of Chichester Cathedral:

The Lady Chapel at Chichester Cathedral. March 2018. c. azambakides

Come to think of it, the Lady Chapel has three versions of “connect”:

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