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Art on Instagram

I love art.

Growing up, I would attend art classes. Then, art museums became hotspots whenever I went travelling. And for the last five years, I’ve been really into travel photography.

One of the most accessible way for me to get art is via Instagram. Since I’ve been using the platform for my photography portfolio, it soon made more sense to follow other artists and designers, than celebrities who post selfies.

One of my favourite accounts is Josie Doodles (@josie.doodles). A fellow Australian in Sydney, she doodles these little balls of water-coloured balls in regards to important topics, such as mental health, emotions, and current happenings.

In a special post recently, she upped up one by pairing a doodled animation with music:

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Oh, The Poor “i” in Pixar!

I love newsletters, and one I get regularly – Creative Bloq – sent me a thought-provoking email today.

You know that Pixar animation right that appears at the start of every single Pixar movie? The cute little lamp that jumps past the name, and squashes down the “i” to replace it?

The original famous animation feat. Luxo Jr. that we all know and love!

Well, that lamp is actually called Luxo Jr., and it looks fun when we watch it from afar.


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Shakespeare Sunday: Sonnet 113

Earlier this week on Skillcrush’s Slack, a tutor and mentor of mine asked if I followed Sir Patrick Stewart on Twitter.

I replied that I did not.

Apparently, he reads a sonnet by Shakespeare a day, using the hashtag: #ASonnetADay. Sadly, the videos are not captioned, but he speaks with such RP clarify that it doesn’t matter too much. It’s so heartwarming, and it certainly cheers me up that he’s doing this kind of thing.

So, for today’s #ShakespeareSunday, I’m going to leave his very latest sonnet here:

Sir Patrick Stewart reading #ASonnetADay on Twitter
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Confessions of an Introvert: Networking

Recently, I just started networking. So far over the last month, I’ve had three meetings: one virtual and two in-person.

But, be it in person or online, it is scary!

Networking was not something I did before. It was just a business term I would hear about without giving much of a second thought about it.

So, this is new for me.

Having disabilities and being an introvert-at-heart, meeting people is personally a very challenging thing for me to do. As I’m delving into a new career path, I want to put my best foot forward, so I give it a shot. Yet, my anxiety does go up a little with the numerous questions in my head:

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Quote of the Day: John Updike

What art offers is a space — a certain breathing room for the spirit.

John Updike