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Wednesday Wisdom: HaleyDrewThis

It’s September now. My favourite month of the year. A month of renewals, wisdom, and changes. Ah, the possibilities…

Now that I’m in Australia now, the seasons have flipped with it going into spring (or in my case in Queensland, it’s getting warmer!).

But I think the wisdom of September remains.

I was going to post a motivational quote, but then I saw this on my Instagram just now, and I think it’s full of wisdom to remind us to keep doing the best we can.

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Keep doing the best u can, September

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Art on Instagram

I love art.

Growing up, I would attend art classes. Then, art museums became hotspots whenever I went travelling. And for the last five years, I’ve been really into travel photography.

One of the most accessible way for me to get art is via Instagram. Since I’ve been using the platform for my photography portfolio, it soon made more sense to follow other artists and designers, than celebrities who post selfies.

One of my favourite accounts is Josie Doodles (@josie.doodles). A fellow Australian in Sydney, she doodles these little balls of water-coloured balls in regards to important topics, such as mental health, emotions, and current happenings.

In a special post recently, she upped up one by pairing a doodled animation with music:

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