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Turning Rejection into an Advantage

This new year, I’ve had a great desire to seek a new career opportunity, because I need a new challenge this 2019.

I have more to give than giving screen announcements and running around until I get so overtired that I can’t sleep at night. Also, I really want to be part of a team that supports each other and I actually feel included within.

Despite my heart’s desire, it hasn’t been easy. Continue reading “Turning Rejection into an Advantage”

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The Other Kind of Phobia: Acephobia

Trigger warning: sexual assault/harassment.

Since it is International Homo/Bi/Trans Phobia Week,¹ I strongly feel I need to point out that another kind of phobia exists:


People of other orientations have told me they don’t believe that this phobia exists, which is enough to tell you that they don’t even think my sexuality is real either.

But it does…

I’m asexual. More specifically, a demi-aromantic grey-asexual, who only feels sensual attraction if an emotional attachment has been formed.

Which is really, really rare.

Of course, I’ve been at the end of acephobia² a lot… even before I came out seven years ago.

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Wednesday Wanderings: Finding My Tribe

I don’t have many friends.

All my life, I’ve found it tough to make friends and the truth is, I still do.

I’ve always felt like an outsider and I know it’s because I’m different in so many variable ways.

My sister once said: “you need to find your tribe”. I didn’t understand what she meant at first. Continue reading “Wednesday Wanderings: Finding My Tribe”

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Travel Tuesday: There Is So Much of the World to See!

Since I’ve returned to the UK, people often ask me why I left Canada when my visa was up and didn’t apply for PR (Permanent Residency) instead.

My answer is always the same: “there is so much of the world to see!”

Working in Canada, I learned so much more about other countries: I made friends with Syrian refugees, I ate at Korean Tofu Houses (including Chinese dumpling spots and Vietnamese Pho cafes), and I met Iranians who had fled the Islamic Revolution. In the States, I adored the Mexicans and met many people from El Salvador, which was new for me.

All my life, I’ve been very fortunate to travel to many places, but something changed by being in North America… Continue reading “Travel Tuesday: There Is So Much of the World to See!”

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The Perils of Writing on the Road

Now that I’ve ceased travelling for a bit, it really is time to write about all my experiences in North America.

Writing, while travelling, is soooo much easier said than done…

On the road, I always wanted to be out there experiencing all that my new cultures had to offer. Not sitting inside writing about it. Plus, by going out and exploring, I would get the inspiration…

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