Who Am I?

Hello lovely readers. My name is Andraea and I’m here to write about, well, everything.

Half Austraian, half Greek-Cypriot, but born and raised in England. I’ve had a pretty colourful life thus far. I’m atypical, deafened, and asexual, thus I never will never be normal by modern society’s standards. I combat my day-to-day challenges along with my secret skills of eagle eyes and lip-reading.

I’ve had a colourful career over the last 17 years in customer service and hospitality. Even with my study and volunteering, I worked in music, theatre, medieval history, and travel. I even helped out in the family business of leather trading!

With education being one of my greatest privileges, I have two degrees: a BA in Professional Musicianship from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, and an MA in Medieval Studies form the University of Bristol. At present time, I’m studying with Skillcrush, an online coding and design school with a heart, and I’m on the Designer Fast Track.

My other great privilege has been the opportunity to travel throughout my life. Five years ago, I did a Working Holiday Visa for two years in Canada, and last December, I left England to go and start a new life in New Zealand with my Australian passport. The Covid-19 Pandemic had other ideas, and sent me back to my Mum’s in Australia.

I always followed my gut, and my bliss, which has given me a very varied life so far. Lately, I’ve been embracing my differences, so I want to write about the way I see the world.

Why am I here?

I love to write, as I find the activity very cathartic and therapeutic. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing in many different formats: short stories, poems, essays, songs, and now it’s in code.

This blog has been neglected for some time, but now I have returned with all this creativity in me to write again.

Of course, I could write privately and I do have a little hardback journal to note my day-to-day thoughts for myself. But I have found that writing publically makes me be more sure to be careful about my grammar, my choice of words, and my presentation. I believe maintaining a blog will help to prep or build my writing skills, and thus become a writing portfolio.

As a high-functioning autistic, I think I have a unique point of view of the world and I would like to share that, even though I do get scared of backlash. Highlighted already, I do have an excellent eye for detail, as I tend to see things that others don’t see.

What is Eagle Eyed View about?

When I first starting writing on WordPress, it was specifically about history. Then, it evolved into comment and review. Followed by it being more about photography and travel. It has had the habit of always evolving.

But now, I’m sticking to this: taken after my nickname, The Eagle Eyed View is about current affairs, art and culture, and travel. Staying true to my style on Instagram, posts will be written about in “latergram” or “later-post” style.

I believe it is good to think about subjects for a bit before writing about them, and for the writing to be taken in breaks. In order to have – and maintain – clarified thought, while thinking about the meaning behind the topic. Sometimes, taking time to think and write about something later lends a different perspective.

What is the aim of this blog?

I believe we all need to speak our truth and we should all share our point of view.

The aim is to write short posts that hopefully are not too long to read. I used to try to keep things professional, but I’ve noticed that the personal angle keeps things interesting.

As I am a visual person, I aim to keep my posts short, fresh, and visually interesting. I will using the news, Instagram and Twitter for inspiration.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy reading The Eagle Eyed View.


What's your take on the Eagle Eyed View?

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