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My other blog is on Bloglovig’ and it turns out that I haven’t put this one up yet… despite how long I’ve had it.

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Developing Your Eye: Day 9 – A Pop of Colour

At present time, I think the world is a little bit grey.

Not because it’s the end of winter; I generally noticed that I don’t see much colour in life anymore. Perhaps it’s because of all the depressing world politics that we’ve gone a bit grey like the 70s.

We need more burst and intensity in our lives. Thus, I do keep my eye out for it. But I have found it difficult to find natural colours that are not a brand or supermarket bought flowers.

As luck would have it, I came across this beautiful door when I was in Chichester last week:

A blue door spotted in Chichester, Sussex

Besides the blue splash, I was drawn to the unique whale door knock. I’ve never seen anything quite like that before! Read more


Developing Your Eye: Day 8 – Treasure

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

The most simple of things can fill me with glee – and make me treasure the memory – for always: a comfy item of clothing that I will wear until it gets holes in it… a catchy song to dance to… a hot cup of tea… a beautiful sunset… t-switch inductions that allow me to hear better… a funny message from a good friend… my tattoo… I could go on and on.

Food often hits the spot.

It’s the minimal requirement of our lives and I also consider it an art form, as the cooks do put so much love, attention, and care into it.

Like a few days ago, the chefs at work created this pizza for me:

Antipasti pizza made specially for me. Look at the details; it’s so perfect!

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Developing Your Eye: Day 7 – Big

Go big or go home!

I think that was every cathedral master builder’s idea. It still fathoms me how they managed to build something of this scale back in the medieval days.

Alas, they still did it.

At first sight, Chichester Cathedral was very plain looking and rather small compared to others like Salisbury or Canterbury. But as I walked around, I found gems, such as the medieval ceiling art I mentioned in “Day 5 – Connect”.

Carrying on, I discovered these beautiful ceilings within the towers:

Version 3
The Bell Tower of Chichester Cathedral

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Developing Your Eye: Day 6 – Solitude

As an introvert, I value solitude.

It gives the precious moment that allows you to be by yourself, to think things through, and to recover from people in the crazy outside world.

So, I don’t see solitude as a bad thing, but something more of a necessity. There is still a social stigma against it, as society has such an aversion to loneliness; yet, I believe this is where all the magic happens.

As I was aware of this task, I have been roaming with my phone this last week on the lookout for images to capture of “solitude”, but nothing has matched up to this I took in Portland last September:

I love doing candid photography.

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Developing Your Eye: Day 5 – Connect

Connect the dots.

That is what I always think about when people say the word “connect”.

So, when I took the train to Chichester today to go on a photographic roam around the city, I found this beautiful gem hidden in the back of Chichester Cathedral:

The Lady Chapel at Chichester Cathedral. March 2018. c. azambakides

Come to think of it, the Lady Chapel has three versions of “connect”:

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Developing Your Eye: Day 4 – Bliss

Ah, bliss… the state of complete happiness and joy.

I know I said in the first post of this course, Day One of Developing Your Eye, that coming home to my slippers and blanket with the TV and a cup of tea is bliss.

But the truth is, true bliss – for me – is roaming…

Getting out of my comfort zone and travelling to a new place I’ve never been to before. It recharges and rejuvenates me; it shakes things up and I feel fresher in my head for changing up my routine. It gives me a different perspective of the world too.

Of course, I like to wander around with my camera and take pictures of the unusual! Since I’m a history lover, I do love visiting historic places and spotting old things.

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